Gagan singh "suv" born in Delhi 14 August 1995. he is a R&B/Soul Singer,a lyricist & shayari-writter .he have done few shows as an host or rapper and completed his Schooling from Dev Samaj Modern School,Sukhdev vihar,New Delhi. his aim was never to become a singer as he was a medical science student, but in 2010-2011 his heart was broken by his beloved which sent him into a state of depression or lonliness. A few months later he decided to combat it and started expressing himself through songs & shayari........ With no professional training he started his music career by recording his songs simply in laptop and created his own style of unique & impresive music... he showed the people who criticised him and didn't believe in him that he is more than what they could ever be..according to him he design his own path in life with music.... Currently he is working as a single artist & following his musical dream in search of a break!!!!

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